Work experience is a vital part of a full and meaningful life.

We offer regular daily work in many different areas: Crafts; ceramic arts, wood work, the fibre arts, agriculture, horticulture, forestry for the more robust as well as domestic skills; cooking, cleaning, laundry in our homes.

Each person has a choice of work area to try out and each work experience is a door opening to acquiring new skills. It is our goal that a person has access to a number of work placements and that by broadening their skills they will develop a healthy awareness of making a meaningful contribution to the needs of others.

Thus develops a moral and social foundation on which rests a sense of wellbeing and accomplishment.

Camphill also provides specialized support specific to community based competitive employment and volunteer opportunities.

Current placements include; a supermarket, movie theatre and seniors residence. We are developing relationships with those and other employers in order to help make more opportunities and choices available.