At Camphill, residents have choices around housing, including opportunities for living with a group of three or four friends, and more independent living, either in the rural community setting near Angus or in downtown Barrie. We call the rural community setting Nottawasaga, and the urban neighbourhood community is known as Sophia Creek.

Residents who can and want to live more independently can live in apartments connected to one of the larger houses where support and connection are available 24/7.

Rural lifestyle: Camphill Nottawasaga, near Angus

At our rural site, there are opportunities to live in one of the five beautiful homes or in one of the attached apartments.

Urban lifestyle: Camphill Sophia Creek in Barrie

At our city locations, residents can live in shared living homes or in attached apartments in Barrie.

Apartments are connected to the shared living homes for the safety and security of those needing additional help or companionship nearby.

More housing options are in development in both the Angus and Barrie locations.